Sunshine Coast BC, Bujinkan Kunoichi Project

Hello and welcome to the Kunoichi Project home page.
Here you will find information on what the 'Project is about, and how you can be a part of the next one.

The original reason for the Project was to help
Sheila Haddad (of Bujinkan Dojo) with an assignment. Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi had asked her to do something that would show the strength of the kunoichi, show their training, their power and their commitment.

So Sheila, an accomplished and talented photographer,
set off to seminars and training sessions all over the globe
to utilize her skills. Being that most martial arts schools
are located in metropolitan areas in indoor studios,
the photos were mostly indoor.

To balance this project, she recruited the help of
her friend Mike from Nami Yama Dojo, on the west coast
of Canada, to provide something different.

Together with Sheila's camera and keen eye and
Mike's backcountry experience and big bag of outdoor gear, they set off to provide training in the other areas of the Sanju Rokudai (36 ways of Samurai and Ninja training) that don't
get a lot of practice in the city martial arts schools.

The Kunoichi Project took place with four events
over a span of five years. We covered all four seasons
and the book was presented to Hatsumi Sensei at
the Kunoichi Taikai held in Japan in March 2013.

You may view the book here:

the Picture Book of Kunoichi Training

Please browse our gallery of
"behind the scenes" photos as well!

* If you are interested in taking part in another Kunoichi Project outdoor backcountry tactical training event, or if you would like to book a similar event for your training group (up to 12 people), please contact Mike.